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  • DG Your Best LED Emergency Light Supplier In Hong Kong

    Digital Group Technology Co Ltd since 1999, is joint-ventured with Universal Manufacturing (HK) Co. Ltd. since 1989. The strategic joint-ventured decision which combined both companies’ best resources and minimized the operational cost to facilitate the best output of good products and services.

    DG our headquarters located in Hong Kong has our whole own building named DG Technology Centre, proven DG strong finance background to support our life committed business to you , all our customers and our business partners. Undoubtedly, our strong teams of engineers are able to develop and support of our wide selling range of specific LED emergency lights, together with our professional management, administration and logistic teams, we are sure to deliver your company the top class service. Trust we are one of the competitive and first-class recognized company to supply full range of survival and reliable emergency lights to international commercial market.

    DG will be your right and most faithful partner because of our experienced management team and engineering teams are well-equipped with all the advanced manufacturing facilities and equipment. Please visit our web site at www.digialtech.com.hk for a tour to our factory in China and get details of our various ranges of emergency lights products.

    DG has our company deep-rooted business ethnic:


    We certainly commit our promise and keep our honest to each of your customers as our life commitment.

    DG can be your trust and honest long term business partner and your best LED Emergency Light Supplier in Hong Kong/China.

    Please send your enquiry to us via our e-mail address: marketing@digitaltech.com.hk.

    Our full team of marketing staffs and engineers are ready to serve you at all times.